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Store indoor and away from access to open areas. If left in the open, protect them with waterproof covers.

' If material is not required for immediate use, stack them neatly and clear off the ground. Maintain a clear gap of 30cm between sheet package and ground.

Store off the ground and with a minimum 50° slope (1: 10) so that if rain penetrates the covering, water will drain away and not form a water pond.

Inspect the storage site regularly to ensure that moisture has not penetrated the stock.

' If stacked or bundled product becomes wet, separate it without delay, wipe it with a clean cloth and stack it to dry thoroughly.

The sheet should be kept gently to ensure that it is not damaged.

Use a spreader bar for long sheets. For small to medium size projects, without mechanical handling facilities, you can unload sheets by hand and pass them up to the roof one at a time.

Use Personal Protective Equipments such as clean hand gloves & closed shoes while lifting.

Don't keep heavy terial on stacked sheets to avoid damages.

Don't place sheets vertically without proper support.

Don't keep sheets in direct contact with soil.

Don't letthe surface get wet.

Don't use metal chain for lifting sheets.

Don't store material on walking path. Sheet moving path should be clear and no movement of people should be permitted in the path.

Don't slide sheets over rough surfaces or over each other. Always carry tools, don't drag them.

Use recommended Personal Protective Equipment (helmet, goggles, shoes, hand gloves & high visibility vests) while handling
and installing the sheets.

Always wear smooth soft-soled shoes.

Cut materials on the ground and not on other
material where hot particles can fall and cause damage to the finish ofthe sheet.

Remove all metal scrap, drill particles, pop rivet mandrels and excess fasteners from the roof to avoid rust stains.

Use a power saw with a metal-cutting blade to cut thin metals. This results in fewer hot metal particles and leaves less resultant burr than a carborundum disc.
Always place roof screws through the crests. For walling, screws can be either crest or valley fixed

Use recommended screw I fasteners with
EPDM rubber sealing washers.

Structurals like tubes, HSS, angles and channels (except Zinc coated supporting structures) should be painted before fixing the sheets.

Clean the roof with clean water or mild detergent by using soft cloth, mop or soft nylon bristle brush to avoid swart stains and rusts.

Don't keep colour coated sheets in contact with cement, dirt and chemicals like paint and thinner.

Don't install the roof sheeting during rains, sheets get wet and slippery.

Don't use stainless steel screws, J hook and carbon washer as they may damage the sheet.

Don't overdrive or under drive the screw as itcan lead to water leakage or washer damage.

Don't leave metal articles on the roof.

Don't throw bird feed on the sheet. Bird-dropping can damage the colour & aesthetics of the sheet.

Don't use acetic acid based sealants which
liberate aggressive by-products during curing
which is detrimental to steel sheets.

Never use abrasive or solvent type cleaners and wire brushes, steel wool, sponge scourers to clean the roof sheet as it softens the paint film.

Don't walk on single rib, sheet, end laps gutter and skylight sheets.

Tata BlueScope Steel is an equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel in the field of coated steel, steel building solutions and related building products. The Company operates in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region.

Smart appearance with subtle square fluting
Unique anti-capillary side lap makes it leak proof.
 Total Coated Thickness  (mm)  0.45
 Sheet length* (mm)  2440(8ft), 3050  (10ft), 3660(12ft),
 4270(14ft), and
 Effective cover width  (mm)  Nominal 1015
 Overall width (mm)  Nominal 1072
 Min. Roof Slope (Degree)  3
*Shet length in feet is approximate value
Maximum Support Spacing (mm)*
 Type of Span  Roof  Wall
 Single Span  950  1700
 End Span  1200  2450
 Internal Span  1750  2850
*Terms and conditions applicable

Widely used profile
Wall panels can be installed in horizontal as well as vertical direction
 Total Coated Thickness  (mm)  0.45
 Sheet length* (mm)  2440(8ft), 3050  (10ft), 3660(12ft),
 4270(14ft), and
 Effective cover width  (mm)  Nominal 1110
 Overall width (mm)   Nominal 1150
*Shet length in feet is approximate value
Maximum Support Spacing (mm)*
 Type of Span   Wall
 Single Span   1150
 End Span   1500
 Internal Span   1650
*Terms and conditions applicable


Ridge Caps  
Ridge Caps are available in similar colours as that of profile sheets.

Use recommended fasteners only.Poor quality fasteners can damage the sheets in the long run as corrosion of the components may get transferred to colour coated metal sheets.

Key Features of DURASHINE Roof Key Features of DURASHINE Roof

Anti-capillary groove ensures leak-proof roof
Attractive multi-ribbed profile
Covers very wide surface area
  Quick and easy to install
Available in attractive range of colours
Strong profile to withstand high wind pressure
Suitable for wall cladding in industrial, commercial and residential buildings, as well as garages, screens and fascias
Minimum yield strength of 550 Mpa ensures required strength for roofing application
Accurate thickness, width and length helps give the perfect fit for any roof
Wider valley ensures higher water discharge in case of heavy rains

Incorrect Method
The groove portion is on the outer side
Improper contacts make the roof vulnerable to water leakages
This is a safety hazard and may cause injury to person walking on roof
Correct Method  
The groove portion is on the inner side
The air gap on the left ensures that water does not travel upwards